iGA has shared a glimpse of 6 proposed designs competing to be the Istanbul New Airport’s Traffic Control Tower. With designs by Zaha Hadid, Moshe Safdie, Grimsaw-Nordic, Massimiliano Fuksas, Pininfarina-Aecom, and RMJM Architects, the competition seeks to chose an innovative tower that is “inspired by the authentic symbols of Turkey.”

“We are developing a unique project inspired by the local architecture. That is why we have organized this contest, hoping that Airport Traffic Control Tower design would symbolically contribute great deal to Istanbul New Airport and also will be the most important figure of Istanbul. We particularly asked contestants to get inspired from icons of Turkey. Currently we are evaluating the submitted projects and will be announcing the results as soon as possible,” said Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of İGA.

According to the press release, each invited architect’s inspiration was unique: “Zaha Hadid got their inspiration from whirling dervishes; Moshe Safdie from Ottoman geometrical patterns; Massimiliano Fuksas from minarets; Pininfarina-Aekom from tulips; and RMJM Architects from seagulls of Istanbul. Grimsaw-Nordic, on the other hand, shared their work designed with a concept to complement the terminal building and airport design in general.”

The tower is expected to be built on a 5000-square-meter site at the airport and reach heights of 95-meters.